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This agreement is made on.... between Dogs B&B and the owner.
Terms and Conditions A. DogsB&B engages for dog Owners persons known as Minders to supply dog minding services. B. In consideration of DogsB&B agreeing to obtain an approved Minder for the Owner, the Owner has agreed to enter into this agreement. 1. Basis of Agreement a) This agreement applies to the first and every subsequent booking made by the Owner and supercedes any previous agreements. b) The Owner acknowledges approval of the Minder selected by DogsB&B to supply dog minding services to the Owner. c) The Owner acknowledges that any subsequent re-engagement of the Minder must be booked through DogsB&B. 2. Payment a) The Owner must pay one-half of the agreed charges for the services of the Minder to DogsB&B when booking for dog minding services. This payment must be received within 10 days of providing the name of the Minder to the Owner or within 24hours of meeting the Minder (whichever is sooner). Bookings are only confirmed by DogsB&B once we receive your full deposit. b) The balance of the fees is payable to DogsB&B prior to delivering the dog/s to the Minder, according to the schedule as set out in the terms and conditions published on the DogsB&B website. c) If monies are not received by the dates specified, then DogsB&B reserves the right to reallocate the minder to other bookings. d) A cancellation fee applies to any booking that is cancelled after the booking has been confirmed through the payment of a deposit. The Owner agrees to the cancellation terms as set out on the DogsB&B website and as varied from time to time. e) The confirmation email/letter becomes the official tax invoice for GST purposes when payment is received by DogsB&B 3. Owner Responsibilities a) The Owner must make appropriate arrangements with the Minder for the supply of food, bedding, toys and any medication. b) The Owner must supply the dog/s in a healthy and uninjured state unless there is prior mutual consent between DogsB&B, the Minder and the Owner as to a realistic veterinary management plan. c) The Owner must deliver the dog/s to the Minders premises at the start date of the booking and pickup the dog/s at the end date as stated in the Booking Details form. d) The Owner must ensure that their dog/s are fully vaccinated, wormed and covered for flea control. 4. Veterinary & Safety a) The Owner must also pay any veterinary or other expenses incurred by the Minder incurred relating to the dog minding services. If the Owner nominated veterinarian specified (if any) is not available or if the time required to obtain such services would endanger the dog or is impractical, the Minder may use such other service as may be available and considered appropriate. b) The Owner accepts the Minders or DogsB&B’s decision on the need for and selection of a veterinarian. The Owner must not make any claim or take action over any veterinary decision. c) DogsB&B reserves the right to cancel the services offered to the Owner at any time if it considers it is unable to offer appropriate care that would ensure the safety, health or well being of the dog. d) DogsB&B reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to relocate a dog to a different Minder at any stage if it is considered necessary for the dog’s safety or well being. 5. Liability a) Owners are responsible for any liability arising from any third party claims relating to their dog and must indemnify the Minder and DogsB&B against any claims or losses sustained. b) The Owner acknowledges that DogsB&B and the Minder have and will take every precaution possible, compatible with a home environment, to ensure the safety and health of their dog. However should some circumstance arise that results in the loss or injury of that dog, neither DogsB&B nor the Minder can be held responsible, no matter how caused. c) DogsB&B will not be liable to the Owner for any loss or damage where DogsB&B has failed to provide service or has cancelled the Owners booking. d) If DogsB&B is liable to you for any breach by it of the Terms and Conditions, DogsB&B’s liability to the Owner is limited to DogsB&B repaying amounts paid by the Owner for the supply of dog minding services or resupplying the services you are entitled to in accordance with the Terms and Conditions at a future date. 6. General a) If any part of this agreement is held unenforceable, it must be read down to the minimum extent necessary to render it enforceable and valid, or must be severed from the remainder of the agreement. b) Any issues regarding dispute or interpretation of these conditions must be resolved in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that state.
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